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it's funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different. c.s. lewis

after all these years of having a camera by my side, i've discovered that i most enjoy getting to document authentic connections, remarkable relationships and ALL the good stuff that happens in between. i find imagery to be incredibly powerful. looking at an image can genuinely take me back to THAT moment in time. i smell the smells, i hear the sounds, and i feel all the feels again. its just magical! and because life is inevitably evolving and changing, i think it is so important to document life as much and as often as you can! especially for those extra special times in life! this is what its all about for us! love & magic




our philosophy 

Photography is our PASSION! We want to be more than just another vendor you need to hire on your wedding day. We want to be the people you create with, feel supported by, and know we are here for you on your special day!  


We are truly honored to experience this life movement with you. We know this work is more than just showing up and clicking a button. We value getting to know who you are and finding time to connect each step of the way. Every relationship and love is unique and that is what we want to document for you. We want it to feel like we're a friend on your wedding day, so you can be most yourselves and we can capture your day most genuinely. We want to communicate with you the whole way through and hear about all the special details you've planned and be there to help you with anything/everything we can, before, during and after your wedding! Lets capture memories so you can re-live them over and over again!


if you are looking for traditional posed imagery, we probably aren't for you...

we are for you if...

we're looking to work with a specific client. not specific in looks or dress, but couples who aren't scared to be themselves and let loose. lovers with a lot of spirit and who have a desire to adventure and create! i know being in front of a camera isn't always comfortable, but in this busy world of ours, my goal is to help slow life down for a bit so you can create and document memories with your partner and not ever know i'm there! 
every relationship and love is different and that is what we want to document for you! your quirks, your character, how you uniquely interact with one another and love on each other. that is a huge part what continues to drive me in this work. i pour my heart and soul into every inch of this work! your love and own expression, continues to inspire and humble me. 

how we work


about us


photo magic by: Sarah Brookhart Photography

We're Sean and Tayler, a husband and wife wedding photography team. Sean and I met working at a restaurant together in Denver and after our first date, we were basically inseparable. We recently bought a cabin in the woods in Evergreen, Colorado and have been loving every moment of it! We share our house with our pup Salcha, cat Chunk and 5 chickens, Bunny, Cadbury, Butters, Thelma and Louis! As lovers of the great outdoors and adventure, hiking, snowboarding, traveling, camping, cooking, and vintage camper projects are just a few of our other loves. We both come from an art/photography background, Sean studied in San Francisco and Tayler in Southern California. I (Tayler) began documenting weddings over four years ago and Sean joined me three years ago. Working together has been a dream come true for us and we so look forward to meeting you and creating together! 



On a more personal note, I am loving being in my thirties. I'm pretty attached at the hip with my pup Salcha (half husky/collie-lab). I hail from a half Buffalo NY, half Southern California upbringing, which makes Colorado a perfect blend and balance for me. One of the most special times in my life was when I was a flight attendant in my early twenties. It took me to over 12 countries with countless adventures and epic memories. If I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Thai food. I love good challenge and I rarely sit still. I'm a glass half full type of gal to a fault and I believe this life is full of adventures I don't want to miss out on! 


sean-associate photographer 

Sean hails from the wild Alaskan frontier in addition to the California desert. He enjoys snowboarding, camping, hiking, and anything that screams adventure and outdoors. Out of high school, Sean apprenticed for Image Comics, then spent several years in art school, mastering illustration, photography and graphic design. On a personal note, I have a huge affinity for nature and people and how to two fit together. I enjoy working on our fixer upper in the mountains and creating our little niche in nature. Love living in the present and looking forward to seeing more of this world and its people. 



thank you so much for stopping by! hope we get to create together! 


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